The Cosplay Life

Sara, David and Johanna provide great insight in the section of the book called "The Cosplay Life"

While much of The Art of Cosplay is, well, art of cosplayers, there is quite a bit of story telling as well. When I started this project I thought I had a good understanding of cosplayers and why they did what they did.

I was very wrong.

I think in the beginning I took cosplayers to lightly feeling like they were just people who liked dressing up in costumes. Over the time that I produced this book my opinion has changed immensely. As I got to know cosplayers more I started to see a depth and commitment that they had for their craft that I did not understand previously.

In the section titled "The Cosplay Life", I sat down with three cosplayers that I got to know over the couple of years that this project encompassed to get their insights on cosplaying and what it means to them. Their stories ended up being quite enlightening and in the end made the book much more interesting, helping provide more of a narrative to what is The Cosplay Life.

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