Halloween Witch Cosplay Shoot

Being that it's Halloween I thought it would be fun to do a themed shoot this year so I reached out to cosplayer Amy (@amyswimmacklemore) who I have worked with in the past (you might recognize her from my Sailor Moon sticker) about doing a shoot with her witch cosplay. Amy does a fantastic job with her cosplays and specifically her makeup is awesome so I thought we could do something fun for Halloween.

I had a couple of thoughts for some final images but, like I normally do I just go with the flow of the shoot and see what happens. Well that seemed to work out pretty well as we found ourselves working into a couple of different ideas. One was to see if we could get it to where it looked like she was flying on her broomstick. The second was just to pose her in more of almost glamour/fashion types of poses. Both of those ideas were the ones that worked the best and the images that resulted are the proof! I even had Amy take a picture of her black cat Coca Cola and email it to me so I could include him in the final Moonlight Flight image.

I used a beauty dish and large softbox for the main lighting and two long softboxes for rear edge lighting. This was particularly important with the tulle fabric being so sheer, I needed to be able to illuminate it to separate it from a darker background.

Shooting what would become "Moonlight Flight"

Note the light pole we used as a place holder for the broomstick. Amy did a great job of acting, pretending she was flying!

Working through some "glamour" type posing. I kept the lighting pretty much the same as it was really working with Amy's makeup and the costume. The only change I made was I had to lower the main lights to get up under the hat.

Early concept for "Moonlight Flight"

Another early concept for "Moonlight Flight"

Working on the eyes for "Glamour Witch"


"Glamour Witch" finished image

"Moonlight Flight" finished image

Amy posing with the final print version of "Moonlight Flight"

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