Getting Closer Every Day

It's very exciting times for The Art of Cosplay as the payment has been sent to the printer and the first hard copy proof pages of the book will be here in a couple of weeks! So, that being the case I thought it would be good to go ahead and start showing a little more of the book and its contents. In this post I am showing the table of contents so you can get a feel for whats going to be in the book.

When I first started thinking about the concept for this book it was really just meant to be a repository of the art that I created. What happened though is I found some incredible stories that I wanted to tell and really in the end everything fit together nicely! The Art of Cosplay has be come now a book of not only art, but of the stories behind the art and the cosplayers who participated in it!

The Table of Contents for The Art of Cosplay

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