Clash of the Immortals Shooting Schedule including Phoenix and Tucson Dates!

The Clash of the Immortals project is officially underway!

With our first shoot behind us, we already have a few more shooting dates scheduled with even more on the way.

We will be holding our first Phoenix area photo shoot (but not our last!) coming up in October. For Tucson residents I am a little more flexible but I will be scheduling dates as well to try and maximize studio time.

Upcoming Shooting Dates:

Where When

Immortal Concepts Studios, Tucson Sun, Sep 26 10am-5pm

FABRIC Studios, Tempe Sat, Oct 16, 9am-5pm

Immortal Concepts Studios, Tucson Sun, Oct 17 2pm-7pm

Reach out with any questions or to schedule a shooting time!

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook or text at 520-271-6403 to schedule your shooting time or ask any questions you might have.

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