About the Art of Cosplay Book

Celebrating the Art and Fashion of Cosplay and Cosplayers

Lavishly illustrated in full color, The Art of Cosplay is a book that celebrates real cosplayers and their craft by presenting them in unique and character specific pieces of art.

This book is a work of collaboration between myself and the cosplayers that you will see within its pages.  My goal when working with these cosplayers was not to have the every day pictures you typically see of them posing in a hallway or on the floor of some convention, but rather to create images that are uniquely specific to the individual, giving life to the character they portray or even to showcase the cosplay they spent so much time and effort creating. 

In the end The Art of Cosplay is a celebration of cosplayers and the work, passion and skill that they put into their cosplays. I have been so impressed with the level of commitment that cosplayers apply to their craft that I feel it needs to be celebrated. I hope to do this by creating art that showcases the distinct personalities of the cosplayers, the characters they portray and the dedication and detail that goes into their cosplays. Most importantly my goal is to create art befitting the effort and passion these cosplayers have demonstrated with their own creations and share it with as many people as possible!

Featuring numerous cosplayers and cosplays from all over the world, The Art of Cosplay is sure to give you a new and exciting look at real cosplayers, their fashion and their passion!

Some details about the book:

Price: $44.95

Cover: Hardcover

Number of pages: 274

Release Date: July 2019

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Images from the book

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