About Immortal Cosplay Art
Real Cosplayers in Original Works of Art

My name is Andy Knapik and  I am an award-winning photographer, digital artist, and author who first discovered photography after borrowing my college roommate’s camera while attending the University of Arizona. It was at that point I changed my major to fine arts   

After that, I absolutely fell in love with taking pictures and more specifically taking pictures of people.

I first discovered cosplayers while watching a news feature on San Diego Comic-Con. While I watched, I was completely astonished by the quality of the costumes on display and thought how amazing it would be to create some character art based on them.

I have since worked with hundreds of cosplayers from all over the country, whether in my studio or in various conventions to help create some cool, collaborative works of art that make the cosplayers the subject of their own fan art!


My goal is to create art that everyone can enjoy and that showcases the extraordinary work that cosplayers demonstrate with their own wearable works of art! 

andy knapik cosplay artist